O Captain! My Captain!

Marleau, Game 3 vs. Calgary (2008 Playoffs)

Marleau, Game 3 vs. Calgary (2008 Playoffs)

There’s no doubt Patrick Marleau will remain as the team captain of the Sharks. With veterans like Blake, Thornton, and Roenick in the line-up, there’s rumors of who will wear the “C.” After last season’s playoffs against Calgary, where Marleau took a beating in the first period only to come back harder after each shift, he has further proven his worthiness. And the management’s unwillingness to trade Marleau prior to his no-trade clause kicking in on July 1st shows that they still believe in him. The ultimate disrespect is stripping a guy from his captaincy after having it for so long (see Mike Modano). Marleau may not be the most vocal guy on the team, but he is most definitely the captain and encompasses everything that exemplifies a captain. Marleau will maintain his title until he retires, or God forbid, is traded.


Ultimately this is Marleau’s team. He is the cornerstone of this team, coming up through the Sharks’ development system. To remove that cornerstone will cause the entire house to crumble. Blake is on a single year contract and players need to earn the captaincy over time, not expect it once they arrive. Thornton is the co-captain. If Marleau does get traded, Thornton would be the first in line to take over.


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