Richards, Yawney, Woodcroft join McLellan

Todd McLellan

Head Coach Todd McLellan

The trio of assistants will join head coach McLellan behind the bench (story). The immense success of these individuals in their previous roles/positions ranks the Sharks’ coaching staff among the tops in the league. The relatively fresh coaching perspectives that these untainted minds contain will help push the underachieving Sharks over the 2nd round hump and finally fulfill preseason predictions of the Sharks being in the finals. I see the new coaching staff making an immediate positive impact to the team, unlike the usual outcome of a coaching staff overhaul during the off-season. Finally, an experienced coaching staff that can let loose the reigns of the Sharks’ talent, whereas the previous staff seemed only to bind the talent of the team with a system that consistently fell short.

Corey Schwab has also been named the new goaltending development coach for the Sharks’ organization. He will work closely with Assistant GM Wayne Thomas who currently coaches the Sharks’ goaltenders at the NHL level. Schwab had the privilege of playing for our beloved Warren Strelow and will hope to continue his legacy.


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2 Responses to “Richards, Yawney, Woodcroft join McLellan”

  1. Frostee Says:

    Hey! I really like your blog too; you’re a bit more news-oriented than I am. One of the pitfalls of being a female hockey fan. I’ll make sure to keep checking back!

  2. New Writer Added to Staff! « Pittsburgh Puck Talk Says:

    […] The head coaching vacancy in Wilkes-Barre was caused by Todd Richards moving to San Jose to be an assistant head coach under Todd McLellan (Fish Out of Water). […]

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