Clowe back in Teal

Ryane Clowe

Ryane Clowe

Finally! Ryane Clowe agreed to a 1 year deal worth $1.6 million on Monday (story). This re-signing was much anticipated, but had been delayed for weeks due to disagreements on the length of the contract. Being that it is only a 1 year deal, the question is, who pushed for it?

Regardless, Clowe is an asset to the Sharks and will provide the physical grinding play needed up front along with his scoring touch. He missed most of last season due to injury, but returned to the line-up to score eight points (3 goals, 5 assists) in the final four games of the season. He was also a major contributor in the playoffs – tying the team lead for goals (five) and ranking second in points (nine). Welcome back Ryane!



One Response to “Clowe back in Teal”

  1. christophergates Says:

    My friend, things are shaping up quite nicely for you Sharks. I really hope they, or any other team for that matter, gets rid of Detroit in the playoffs.

    I’m actually a big fan on 1-year deals myself. It keeps the player focused and forced to earn their next contract. Also, if they fail to impress you’re not stuck paying them more than they deserve for several years. Sounds like Clowe is gonna earn his paycheck though.

    ~Chris @

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