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Off-Season Rant: I need gas money!

July 15, 2008

Gas is hovering around $4.60/gallon and I commute over 40 miles to work everyday. That’s 80+ miles round trip! Thankfully I have a somewhat fuel efficient Corolla. I would move if I could afford to. However, the closer you get to LA, the worst the housing costs. Never understood that, considering how worse the housing gets as well. Anyway… speaking of gas prices…

With gas prices on the rise and the economy coming to a standstill – like the lines at the release of the new iphone (idiots, get a life) – Minnesota Wild’s Stephane Veilleux fired his agent and took back his 4% (story). Go Stephane! Stephane awoke from his deep slumber and quickly realized that he possesses a law degree from Cornell.

“I was rummaging through my sock drawer one day looking for gas money and found this piece of paper with my name on it,” stated Veilleux with excitement. “Then I thought, why am I paying a guy 4% of my salary to do something that I am fully capable of? I could have used the extra 4% to fill up my ride – a Porsche 911.”

Veilleux is now assisting Radulov with contract negotiations.