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Sundin, Selanne, and Summer

July 21, 2008

Sundin is still holding out on whether or not he will return to the NHL. “Selanne Watch: Season 2” has also begun as Teemu has yet to agree to return to the league either. While they enjoy their lazy summers off smacking around some balls on the back 9, the rest of us wait in suspense to find out if they are sure that they have “the energy to go through another season at this level.”

Sundin deserves the time and has given a reasonable timeline of late July or early August to make up his mind.

Selanne, on the other hand, is just becoming an annoying brat. After holding out all last season and then coming in at the end to play 26 games… yes, only 26 GAMES!!… Selanne apparently needs another lengthy off-season to determine whether or not he will play again. Teemu… guess what? No Ducks’ fans want you back! You’re self-absorbed, cocky, and costing too many fans heartache. As available free agents get snapped up by the rest of the league, the Ducks sit on their hands wondering if their Teemu will return. I’ve spoken with numerous Ducks fans, as I live in SoCal, and all of them agree that Selanne needs to go.

But don’t let this ruin your summer. Afterall, we have the Lightning and Russian League fiascoes to keep us entertained.